Copromec Electronics



In furnaces for heat treatment in a controlled atmosphere, because of the rules dictated by strict safety procedures, you will often be confronted by the following challenges :

  • wrong combustion events, with consequent environmental pollution and lack of precision of control, frequent maintenance of the burners, insufficient diagnostics.
  • incomplete data collection "values of thermal treatment";
  • production stoppages due to technical failure (electrical or electronic);
  • complicated man/machine interfaces that creates problems with the production method;
  • poor or totally absent assistance and helpline;
  • non - existent analysis of inert gases;
  • automatic preheating absent.


  • 1 An industrial centralized touch screen pc with an active layout that shows in real time the status of the furnace during the operation, which allows control of all functions, even remotely. Development of a software to guide workers to perform the maneuvers correctly, and to reduce the human error. Furthermore to manage the various process models depending on the type of treatment to be carried out.
  • 2 All the components of the furnace, including modules of burner management, are connected to a network to ensure assistance, support, and calibration even remotely.
  • 3 Continuous analysis of inert gases inside the furnace with relevant registration.
  • 4 Interface applied to a generator of inert gases with automatic adjustment of the amount needed.
  • 5 High performance hardware components ensure continuous production and easy repairability.
  • 6 Installation of new burners with advanced technology at a low emissions.
  • 7 The electrical / pneumatic product, made in keeping with the modular design of the machine, complies with the standards of the sector.
  • 8 Reconstruction of the inner lining of the furnace with refractory material.
  • 9 Burners plant and pipes for the fuel and air. Smoke extraction system.
  • 10 Probe for the emission analysis.
  • 11 Assistance and helpline 24 hours.
  • 12 Thermocouples certified for the control of the temperature.
  • 13 Cloud feature on customer's internal server for production data, to protect your information and restore the line in the case of a failure.