Copromec Electronics



Frequently, in existing assembly lines, there are issues that do not allow the achievement of the standard required by industry:

  • possible loss of production due to technical failure (electrical or electronic);
  • complicated man / machine interfaces that impede the production;
  • poor or totally absent assistance / helpline;
  • poor machine efficiency.


  • 1 Increase the number of colour touch screens to simplify the use of machines and help the operators with a 2D / 3D graphics guide. Development of software dedicated to assembly lines to guide workers to perform the manoeuvers correctly, and to reduce human error. Possibility of disabling any single function to ensure the continuity of production, even in the case of mechanical failures or issues.
  • 2 All the components of the line are connected to a network to ensure the service and helpline assistance, reducing the amount of wiring.
  • 3 High-performance hardware components to fulfill the production requirement.
  • 4 Construction of a central framework designed to manage a large size database, so you can store all the process data of the production, essential in the automotive sector.
  • 5 Cloud feature on customer's internal server for production data, to protect your information and restore the machine in the case of a failure.
  • 6 Assistance and helpline assistance 24 hours.
  • 7 System is completely wired by connectors to facilitate disassembly of the machine in case of displacement.
  • 8 The electrical product, made in keeping with the modular design of the machine, complies with the standards of the automotive sector.
  • 9 Application of the international Poka - Yoke method during the production phase, by plotting DMC of each piece.
  • 10 Complete wiring of all connecting parts of the machine carried out by our specialized technicians.