Copromec Electronics


Markets without borders constantly generate dynamics of competition more and more difficult. In order to keep ahead of the scene, whilst not wanting to reduce the quality of the work processes and their products, we can intervene to optimize the production line by applying software and hardware products tailored to the specific needs of your particular industrial sector. Our method involves, initially, free analytical advice to

identify critical issues, during which you will find out more about our methodology, and the results you can achieve. Once the problems are identified, we will proceed to help you reach the levels that will make you competitive players in your specific market. Post installation, we offer a 24 hour help service, monitoring and intervening quickly to resolve any unexpected technical issues.

SUPPORT & ASSISTANCEWe will be your virtual machine operators.

After the installation of the software and hardware, Copromec Electronics will continue to work in partnership with you, guaranteeing a 24 hour help service. Thanks to the connectivity features of our components, we are able to monitor, diagnose, and if necessary intervene to increase and maintain the efficiency of the machinery, even from a distance.


Thanks to the methodology of remote connectivity, only one intervention in ten needs to be carried out on - site by a technician.


To protect your data from undesirable external access, the remote help service is equipped with a system that ensures that every request to access the machinery can only be enabled by the person responsible for the machine


The reliability of the method of Copromec Electronics is based on precise rules, applied in all phases of the project:

  • SIMPLICITY - Rigour on which we build our method.
    In every application of both software and hardware, we ensure great project synthesis. The hardware elements are not invasive due to their compact size.
  • CONNECTIVITY - The real-time information increase the quality of production.
    The capillary connectivity is the fundamental characteristic to make performing your machinery. All the modules and elements used can exchange information and data. At the same time are accessible remotely to perform diagnostics and maintenance in real time.
  • MODULARITY - Intelligent machines are simple ones.
    We design the hardware and machinery using components made to be modular and therefore compatible with each other, so in case a component is not working properly , another will replace it or compensate its operational specifications.
  • DURABILITY - the quality of an investment is also given by its longevity.
    All the hardware we use is the best available in the market, therefore very reliable. This means our products deliver a steady performance over many years, even decades. The long - term durability of our products ensures excellent value for money.
  • EASY OPERATION - the relationship between man and machine has never been so easy.
    We pay great attention to the design of man - machine interface. We make the user interface and the dynamics of interaction in a way that they are intuitive and fast, suitable for use by workers of all specialization and training levels. Delivering a smooth working experience for workers with less errors and interruptions.
  • SAFETY OF WORKERS - The competitiveness also demands safety.
    The software that we develop includes an important part related to the machine safety, to prevent any risk of accidents. A few years ago, it was difficult to achieve this level of safety. Our software not only improves the safety of workers (up to SIL 3), but also introduces new surveillance techniques to improve the process and the production time of the machine. Another advantage is the remote diagnostics that was not possible previously.